Vote Peters For Class Junior Class Representative

My name is Alvaro Peters and I am running to serve as the Class President of 2014. My desire to do so derives from an ever growing realization of how this class has evolved into a student body destined for success, yet to this day still feel as if their individual concerns are of little importance. Indeed progress has been made, but there remains much to be done. That said, in order to enact change for the benefit our class and community at large, there must be a stronger connection between the Student Body and Union College administration. I firmly believe

that every last member of this campus is equally deserving to have their thoughts and concerns heard by the administration that governs them. As President, I will actively seek ways in which our class can collectively transcend the limits constructed around us by serving as your representing voice and liaison. I vow to readily broadcast both grievances and needed initiatives—whether in regards to increased sustainability, equality, opportunity, or otherwise—so that we may improve inter-communal relationships and overall quality of college life. It would be my honor and privilege to serve as the President for the class of 2014, and I thank you all in advance for your continued support!


On May 25th, Vote Alvaro Peters For Senior Class President!

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